Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Crocheting.. the new Hobby

The last few months I have taken up crocheting, and it has been down hill since there. I have barely got a day without crocheting - and my crocheting hobby focuses on everything from stuffed dolls to blankets and hats. I am addicted to the freedom that crochet gives me that I never got from knitting. While I also sew, and have a sewing machine, I have never been the biggest fan of this art form. It may be only because my mother's sewing machine hates me - but I believe its all the measuring. I get my freedom with crochet.
The first project I did was for booties for my dog. With a long winter, the cold spring mud was hurting my dog's feet so practicing my crochet on his booties worked great.

With the second/third class we learned how to crochet Granny Squares. This was not the safest things to teach me. I ran quickly with the simple quick Granny Squares and made a small soft children's blanket. I have no clue what I am going to do with this blanket - but it might just end up in for sale either at a tag sale, or a craft fair. I am thinking about using etsy.com - which is one of my biggest addictions - but I am horrible at mailing things.

Maybe if I had stuck to blankets my addiction wouldn't have gone south - but I didn't. During the 5th class, when Heather(the best friend) was not about, I made my first 'chick'. Small round ball like chicks that I just want to cuddle and love. Heather says it is really a Kerby. What's your opinion?

This hobby has gotten out of hand! I have made a Bombomb, a Rabbit, A Guinea Pig... I have made two or three cats, and I am making 3 rabbits for my mothers best friend (money money money). It close me 37 dollars in yarn (but I am not using all the yarn per a doll), and I will be making 50 dollars off the rabbits. Completely Excitable.

The Rabbit

The Bombomb

Jeebus the Guinea Pig

While I am doing the Rabbits I had to put a blanket I am working on on hold, sadly, and here is the blanket so far. The pattern is easy and hard at the same time - you have to make sure you are doing it right, but it is not hard to do. I do believe that I will be keeping it when I am done with it. At some point I will have to go back to working on a knitted blanket for my best friend, but I don't want to leave crocheting. It is very very evil.

The day is coming to an end, and my short story is calling. After I get a few paragraphs down I will be going to live on SIMs 3 for a few hours before passing out. Hopefully sleep will come to me before six in the morning. Must cross fingers!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I said I would start blogging every week, the goal was for Tuesday's, so I am right on time. I am on pissed off mode. I hate people. This seems to be a theme in my life. That I hate people.

Let us start with a woman I go to school with and her level of rudeness. I won't give names, but who knows the future if she does read this- stop being rude.

First, I have a small group in one of my classes. There are 3 students and two teachers. This means we all have to play nice nice and social. Well, come the last class I was talking first about a great novelist computer program, which is part of the class, and she interrupted me to say "let's begin". She is not the teacher, I was in fact talking to the teacher.

With a change in rooms, because we we're having computer difficulty, she spoke directly to one girl, and when I attempted to say something about the subject she ignored it. I just took it as a focus on something else. Well, during class we were talking about different book stores, and she interrupted me. So my frustration begins now. We began to talk about our hook, and she went first. Once she was done she pretty much closed up shop and said he was leaving even through me and the other student still needed to talk about our own books. Rude! Thankfully the teacher said "listen to the other students" when she asked what we could do with 10 more minutes.

Today she replied to a quick post I wrote for class that I screwed up my theirs and theres. I was a quick post, get the idea bitch? She even brought up that I was getting my masters in english. I want to snap at her, but if I do the group will be even more difficult. I have another year with her.

Ugh I am just annoyed.

The boyfriends friends are the worse. I can't even go into that. Rumors are that I am forcing hi. To get me pregnant with a turkey baster. I am getting my masters, I know how babies are made, and that anit it. Anit anit anit anit. There there there.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dear Blog

Dear Blog,

My Secret Friend. You are always here for me even when I forget about you, and that makes me love you more. How have you been? My life has been full of a lot of different things, but nothing very exciting to speak about.

I have been writing a lot of flash fiction, and attempting to get something published somewhere. Which means a lot of rejection letters. I have gained 4 of them so far, so moving forward. Might try to publish a few of my poems instead for some time while I work on my novel, short stories (10 pagish), and other longer pieces. I need to work on my person web site, and marketing myself. This I am not very good at. I am a normal girl with normal views. I don't exactly see myself as the 'next best thing', just hoping to be a living writer.

This week I need to write a proposal for my novel. This should be fun. What it is and isn't like. Thankfully I have read A LOT of YA - which the genre my book is in. I need to finish up the ending, but I myself need to take time and reread everything. I think that will be my goal soon. Take a one month time - a goal date - to reread and reedit what I see - so that I can finish up the story. I have the images in my mind (always have), now I just need to show the world what I see.

Wish me Luck on the future!
Crystal <3

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Full Moon Rite

The moon is still full, only one day off.
And I stand barefoot below it, sending
my ritual of the Gods up to it.
“I call upon the moon's powers to gift
me with magick to work my rite tonight.”
Two black candles, for protection, are lit.
One of green for balance, because all we
do in life must be even and right.
These equal the element of fire.
For the Air, Rosemary incenses are burned.
A bowl with spring water is a given.
In the water, floats cinnamon, basil,
mugwort and thyme to be my guide to earth.
I give myself to the night and my spell
I pray. I dance. I sing. I hope. I love.
And with this giving, I am protected
for another year. Blessed Goddess and Moon.
So Mote It Be.

On Top a Hill

It stands alone on top a hill,
And all look and wonder:
What could have happen in the house
that could have brought asunder?

There are rumors of horrible things
Of spousal abuse and
Cheating lovers. Of suicide.
These things told second hand.

The once white paint started clipping,
and was left to the blight.
Weather beaten hard wood shown though
the skeleton of white.

On the overgrown ground, were this
majestic home did stand,
Now is just an empty vessel
that seems to give commands.

The town below stares silently
no one dares enter there.
The children tell their stories in
secret and all beware!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Starry Night

I watch from my site
which is rockin' chair upon my aunt's porch
Stars mounted high in the navy sky
Kings from centuries gone by.
All I smell is wood and stain
Round barrels rolled up cut from fields of dried hay
Soldiers resting after a summer war against sun and wind
And I think

First of the emptiness of the world
Second of the Stars
Many more than can be seen near the city sky
Legions of layers and different shades.
Yellows – Bright or Pale. Pinks – Yellowed or Silvered.

Lost in the view
Alone and somehow completely at peace.
In the grand scheme of things,
I am still a part of it all
sitting here in a wooden rockin chair.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Doodle?

In the corner of my reading notes
there is a little ball of fire.
He is pressed between the red line
and the paper end.

He drew himself there
when I wasn't looking.
Truly, I don't know
how he got there.

It must have happened sometime
while I was in the bathroom.
The spot that should be his hair
is sharp and flickering.

And two round eyes and one harsh smile
stare up at me waiting.
I don't know what he wants
But I am starting to get scared.

Who knows what he can do,
he was just suddenly there.
Oh No! He just disappeared
while I was writing here.

I am officially scared.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I am not a killer!

Today was a good day. I do not get many of them mentally so I do have to enjoy them when I do. Waking up wasn't exactly on todays list. Not until my mother got home at 4:30. That always drives me a little insane. But by 4:15 I was up and ready to go.

Todays goal was raspberry picking! And we did it. Driving out to Guilford was annoying. The traffic added another 20 minutes to the ride but it was worth it.

Pick your own is popular in the northeast, not sure about anywhere else. The prices are cheaper and it is entertaining, but I have to say I prefer picking blueberries. Raspberries are hard too find and pick. First the brush is covered in small prickers. These prickers are soft so you do not end up with holes in your arms but they still hurt none the less. The bees are everywhere and if you are not careful you might end up picking one. Thankfully no one got picked!
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Suicide and Hate

The song "Hate Me" is running thought my head right now and I can feel his pain. I want to slip slowly into someones brain and simply curl up and stay. I understand that feeling of falling completely into myself and never ever coming back. Not death. I will never kill myself. But to disconnect with the body and live only in my brain.

I have been doing a very distant form of it for years. Completely uncaring and disconnected from the body that moves, eat and sleep.

I care nothing of what I eat I only care if it pleases my mind. I do not exercise because I am bored and therefore the brain is not lost in itself. I do my best to find disconnected was to socialize with others like text, twitter, and facebook. They are almost the only places I am more than the outward version.

There are moments that I do crawl out from the warm safety in my brain. But unless they are truly worth my travels than I stop coming back to the surface. My prime example is sex. Once found and felt it is judged and declared.

So here I lay in a twin bed of my cousins listening to the sound of the fan, shot down. I had one of the worse days mentally than I have head in years. Worse than new jobs. Worse than a befriend breaking up with me thought text while I was at work. And today has all the making of a great day. It started out as such. But by the end, in the comfort of a bed in a closed room, I am drained. I can not even begin to explain why or how... Not now. Maybe when I am fall removed again.
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Moving Forward

Today was simple enough, but a little off. My mother was home because she had oral surgery. I woke to her leaving and almost had a heart attack. My mother is always a nine to fiver, and never ever calls in sick - so to see her home on a normal day makes me gasp.

I had to go to Boopers today to hand in the postcards I had for the National Rock Convention I was just at. I have been assigned to the next Convention to work the Twitter and Facebook and help get the world of the party out to others on the internet. It should be an interesting event. That was my job for National Rock Con, but it was the first time around and everything was a little insane. So this time around I want to focus on being the social networkist. Keep the chatting going. I want to see it pop up on twitter. That would be super cool.

BeatEXPO 2010 in November! Be there or be a Line because Square is too good for you!